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Hello and welcome. Here is a collection of fractal images, grouped by theme. All thumbnails link to larger images. Come inside and have a look around ...


1: Be Mine  Hearts and flowers.
2: Puppy Dog Tails   Images of childhood.
3: Fractal Forest  Into the woods.
4: Fractal Soup  Let's do lunch.
5: To Dance  Music and motion.
6: Contemplation  From a quiet place.
7: Metalworks  Iron, gold, and steel.
8: Multiplicity  Even more images.

A variety of fractal generating programs were used to create these images. Some very good ones are Ultra Fractal (shareware), which has Photoshop-like layering capabilities, and two programs by Stephen C. Ferguson: GrafZViZion v4.2 and Sterlingware v1.7. You can find these and other programs created by him at Iterations et Flarium24. I encourage anyone to give these a try. Fractals are absolutely fascinating.

Below are some UltraFractal parameters available for download, as well as a few (a tiny few!) for Sterlingware v1.7 and GrafZViZion v4.2. They are all packaged in .zip format. Included are several of the fractals in this gallery, along with a few not shown here:

UltraFractal .upr parameters
Sterlingware .loo parameters
GrafZViZion .gzv parameters

Thanks for visiting! I plan to expand and update these pages.  I hope you'll stop by again.

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