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Into CubicThis gallery of fractal images exists purely for fun and enjoyment. I'm glad you found your way here.

Mathematical art never ceases to surprise me. It's weird, it's wacky, it's wonderful - and it comes from formulas and algorithms. For me, the fascination factor is irresistable. There is so much to explore in fractal space. While some formulas produce highly regular, orderly patterns, others look completely chaotic. With all the added coloring options, it becomes very unpredictable what you may find. Never would I have expected to come across such odd-ball things as goldfish-shaped crackers, a collection of Christmas plates, or dog chew bones (complete with red rubber balls)!

For any kind of art, the viewpoint of the artist influences the creation. And so it is with fractal art, even though it's based on math. For this reason, I encourage anyone who has an interest in it to give it a try. (And no, you don't need to understand the math to make these images. Just dive right in and play with the numbers.) You will pick up where I and others have left off, and discover images in places and ways that no one else would have thought of. Where to start? A very good list of fractal programs can be found at the Fractal Art FAQ site.

I enjoy looking at the work of many fractal artists. Why? People are just as varied and interesting as fractals (or should I say it the other way around - fractals are just as varied and interesting as people). The range of individual expression is boundless. It's another way of looking at infinity.


First of all - thank you fractal program designers! This just would not be possible without your work.

Thank you to all the folks who have put up fractal resources and communities online. You have created a great thing. This includes those who have contributed public formulas, organized web rings and communities, and put up informative (and some incredibly inspirational) websites.


Yes, these images are copyrighted. Permission is granted for personal use only. What does this mean?

For any other use, please request permission first. Commercial use is allowed only with permission. In some cases, a license is needed.

Much more information about copyright can be found at this official site.


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