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Would you like to see more?  Here are links to many more fractal galleries:

AARTIKA!  original fractal designs by Tina Oloyede
Algorithmic worlds  artworks by Samuel Monnier
Art Gallery Osvaldo Contenti  digital art combined with fractals
Bolenat Psywear Shop  fractal designs, t-shirts and posters
bryan smith  fantasy digital art using fractals and other media
Endless Spaces ... A Fractal Gallery  by Susan Gardner
FAME   many galleries hosted by Joseph Trotsky
Fract-O-Rama!  fractals and software by Kristin and John Dumas
Fractal Art by Paul DeCelle  UltraFractal galleries
Fractal and Stereogram Gallery  by Libuse Klaschkova
fractal boheme  by Stig Pettersson
Fractal Creations  by Faye Williams
Fractal of the Day  by Jim Muth hosted at Paul N. Lee's site
Fractal Flower Garden  by Arend Nijdam in the Netherlands
Fractal Pages  of Paul N. Lee
Fractal Science Kit  program, galleries, and tutorial
Fractal Visions  by Marc Fraser  Seattle fractals by Doug Harrington
Fractals & Photos  by C. Kilmer
Fractals by Vicky  fractal art gallery by Vicky Mitchell
Fractals for Fun Teaching Kids Patterns in Nature
Fractalwizz Productions  fractals, animations, some with custom software
Fractopolis  fractal wallpapers and screensavers
Gumbycat's Fractals  links to Linda Allison's galleries
Harvard-Westlake Student Fractal Gallery using Snowflake Fractal
Incurable Art  by Elenyte Paulauskas-Poelker
Keith's Fractal Art  by Keith Mackay
Linda's Fractals  fractals, cats, and art by Linda Bucklin
Makin' Magic Fractals  by Dave Makin (see next link for more)
MakinMagic's Gallery Images  at Renderosity
Mandel Kingdom  by Yasuo Kamei in Japan
Maria's Fractal Explorer Gallery  by Maria Grist
Mathematical Imagery by Jos Leys  galleries of mathematical art
Nightingail's Gallery  digital art, links, and more
Novagraf Artwork  by Stewart Lawrence
Patrick Heusser's Homepage  fractals from Switzerland
Phidelity Studios fractals, music, photo gallery and more
Philippe Ruez - Fractal Gallery UltraFractal images
Rooms with a View  by Terry Wright
Seeking the Spiral  by Alice Kelley
Serious Fun Studios  by Scott Bricker
Stan Hood  fractal gallery at Renderosity
T.C. Design's Fractal Gallery  fractals, puzzles, and art prints
Tamrof's Fractal Home Page  images, hints, and links  by Juan Luis Martínez
Vadis  fractal images, some made with Grappa applets

Do you have a fractal gallery you'd like to see here?  Just send an email and I can add it to the list.  Many of these links were requested this way.

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